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xrMonitor™ - the fastest way to diagnose database performance problems, increases monitoring efficiency by 90%

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xrMonitor™ - VizantSoft's performance monitoring and diagnostics solution provides at-a-glance view of all databases & top problem occurrences faster than any other product on the market.

Flexible DBA support services

Our Oracle database administrators are ready to provide management, monitoring and support of Oracle databases on any platform.

Certified consultants will install, configure, optimize and carry out disaster recovery of Oracle database, and provide reliable mission-critical support to your business systems.

Key expertise: Oracle 10g, 11g, Oracle 12c Cloud Control, Golden Gate & Oracle Streams, Active Data Guard, RAC, Clusters, VLDBs, multi TB DW design and implementation, RMAN duplication/cloning, RMAN backup, advanced data repair & recovery, VMware, VirtualBox, Oracle VM.

Featured Product: xrMonitor™ - detects performance issues faster, before your DBAs get an alert.

Choose from three affordable service options

Full DBA Service

We become your DBA-s. Our certified experts provide 100% of services required to administer your Oracle database.

Basic DBA

We augment your in-house DBA-s, freeing your internal resources for other initiatives. We have you covered when you need it most.

xrMonitor™ 24x7

We provide your DBAs with xrMonitor™ tool for fast diagnosis of Oracle databases' performance & availability problems.

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